The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.



Q. Create Routines: This week you are to spend some time with the Wunda Chair. using your growing list of exercises - create 3 routines of 4 exercises each that require little or no transition or setup.  List them and practice them on yourself and your clients this week.

These small chunked routines will serve you well in the 5 minutes left of a session OR especially when the studio is busy and you can not get to a piece of equipment.  Once you have built a few routines that require little to no setup between moves, assign a theme to it. What is this routine for? What purpose does it serve? Know your material and how to use it to serve your clients.

Alycea’s Sample:

  • Push Down

  • Pull Up

  • Going Up Front

No changes required - focus on flow and form. This routine works opposition in the body. Push down to lift UP. Pull up while pressing down into the arms. Going Up as you resist in both directions.


Q: 24 hour cancellation policies are the industry standard.  Clients are typically billed the entire amount for late cancellations. What are your own personal feelings about this standard? What would you propose as an alternative?  How do you think this will affect you as a teacher trying to earn a living?

As the Pilates landscape is moving in many directions at once. Group class studios are becoming more popular and private training is becoming more desirable. Cancellation policies can keep people on task and support professionals but they are the single biggest threat to retention when issues arise.


Q1. Theme Sheets!

Revisit last week’s Theme sheet and assess your plan?  Did it work?  What did and didn’t.  Provide us with 3-4 examples of your choices that did or did not work and why you think this happened.  What would you change in this particular plan to make it better?  

If you will not teach this week, sit in or attend another trainees class. Ask to see their plan to assess their success.

Q2. Create and Submit this weeks new Theme sheet for your Group class.

With a new roster of material under your belt your Group class has many many options. Do not focus on speed! Focus on form. The Portable Pilates audio workout is an example of a 45 minute class with just 20 exercises. The tempo is slow but the work is deep. Focus on preserving the order of the Mat. If you step outside of the routine to add a Tower move or Prop move, return to the spot you left and move along the chain.