You know the difference between a so-so instructor and a great teacher. You've felt it yourself. Real teachers do more than take sassy pictures with cute emojis. They are educators, technicians and coaches all in one.

We believe expertise is a real thing . Mediocre isn't our bag. And fly by night instructors hold no interest for us. We're looking for career professionals who will become players in the industry and who we can develop and nurture to do big things.  

Want to be that kind of teacher? We can take you there.


All Pilates starts here.

If you want to be a Pilates teacher there are dozens of ways to become one.  All kinds of hybrid and fusion inspired Pilates techniques can take you into the fitness field. But there's only one path back in time to the original work. Real Pilates trains you from the source, the primary technique and methods created by Joseph Pilates himself.

Mr. Pilates gave his signature body of work to my teacher Romana Kryzanowska and she gave it to me. Now I offer them to you through our Real Pilates Teacher Training program. 

You'll learn every exercise, every variation and every piece of equipment ever created by Joseph Pilates. You'll learn how to train, how to challenge and how to truly inspire your clients.

Over four seminars weekends, and 600 hours of practical and academic study you'll become a bona fide expert in the classical system that was Joseph Pilates' life's work. As a 3rd generation instructor, you'll get to carry on his legacy.

Pilates starts here. Learn the practice the way "Uncle Joe" invented it.

We can show you how.


It was 1984 when Alycea took her 1st Pilates class and she never looked back. When she finally walked into Drago's Gym to meet Romana Kryzanowska in 1993, she knew she had found her home in the Pilates method. Alycea has been a pioneer of the Pilates system bringing some of the first mat Pilates classes to NYC.  Since her early teaching days, she has steadily expanded her original home studio into the Real Pilates company. Spanning 3 NYC studios and an international training program, Alycea focuses daily on a single mission: inspire students to greatness, teachers to excellence and the industry to evolve and expand.

Real Pilates provided an immersive, comprehensive, and life-changing
program. The program’s intensity level only amplified my confidence as a
new teacher. It taught me Pilates is not only for everybody, but EVERY BODY.
I feel proud to be a part of the Real Pilates lineage.
— Jordan K., RPTT Graduate