You were wide eyed and hungry. Some moves were familiar, but some were utterly foreign. Your hands fumbled, and the words just wouldn't form. Somehow you made it to the end and then, something magical happened. You began to really learn and see things in a whole new way. Those early seminars faded away. The verbal cues forgotten. The hands on? Let's not even talk about that.

What if you could do it all again? 

Your first time was all about you. 
This time, it's all about your students. 
Our Bridge program promises to teach you the "why" of each move. We develop your program design skills from the ground up. You'll learn the original system as Joseph Pilates handed it down. You'll become part of a distinct lineage of teachers who were trained under Romana Kryzanowska as you work with and through Alycea Ungaro's comprehensive program. Fill in your blanks with all that you missed the first time. 

Pilates Professionals, you really can get a do-over.

Take a moment to review our goals for Bridge applicants.


  • To develop a new teaching style

  • To grow a new teaching vocabulary

  • To advance your vocal cueing, alignment and learn new hands on techniques.

  • To connect to the lineage of Joseph Pilates through the teachings of Romana Kryzanowska

  • To identify as a 3rd generation teacher 

At the end of our time together you should be able to say you have developed a completely new teaching skill set. For additional information contact us here.