RPTT Course Materials

MATERIALS! Obtain your study Materials. The below required books and videos may be obtained from a library, online or a bookstore.


Joe Pilates wrote two books in his lifetime: Return to Life and Your Health.

Return to Life on Amazon (EXCERPT) and Your Health on Amazon (EXCERPT).  

It is your responsibility to own a copy of each in your library.

He is the source of this body of work. 

If for some reason you do not have a copy of these books, go get them. By the time of the written final exam you must have read each book in it's entirety. Do not delay.



Portable Pilates - Alycea Ungaro  (Buy on Amazon or at Real Pilates)

- Pilates Body in Motion - Alycea Ungaro  (Buy on Amazon or at Real Pilates)

- DVD's Classical Pilates - Peter Fiasca (Reformer, Studio Equipment Series, Mat)(Available on



In order to ensure you are well versed in the history of Pilates, its origins, and your future career (preferably prior to starting our Teacher Training program) you must watch the Pilates Anytime. Videos located IN ASSIGNMENTS.

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*Prepare to be quizzed on this important historical material.