The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.



Reminder - you should be prepared to demonstrate your Full Intermediate Workout this week if asked.

Q. Make a schedule for the next 9 weeks that gets you to the finish line (or close). Map out the hours you need according to what you have accomplished and what you might be missing according to your individual requirements. Share where you are in the discussion board.

Tracking is key to your progress. If you hold your calendar and hours due against the material you have learned you may find correlations between the percentage of time you have spent.

Planning out your own process in training will prepare you for planning out the progress of your clients. As a Real Pilates teacher, you are expected to progress your clients towards their very best. As you move forward in the program with your practice bodies, be sure to focus on their progress. Not necessarily new moves, but movement quality, the 6 principles and overall alignment and symmetry, intention and execution.


The Elders: Eve Gentry

Pilates Anytime: Eve Gentry

Joe Pilates teaching Eve Gentry

Q. Eve says that “Pilates is a concept”. What do you feel about this statement at this point in your training?

The idea of Pilates as corrective exercise, or a movement system or simply mindful motion is not new. For some Pilates can be reduced to a simple concept. I myself often reduce Pilates to just two words; “Resistance Training”. I believe that Eve is expressing her feeling that Pilates is so much more than a list of exercises. It’s a comprehensive body of work with central ideas and themes that apply to each and every type of movement in real life existence today.


Q:  A local reporter calls you and wants to talk Pilates. She says that she heard it’s great for stretching tight muscles and that the new Mega-former (click here) and here sounds like it’s the best workout for women.  How do you respond?

Here’s my own answer in article format and one I consider to be politically correct. As a representative for real classical authentic PIlates, we must always be respectful. Anything that brings people to Pilates is a good thing. But be clear. “Pilates” is a discrete body of work with clear parameters and using apparatus that is functionally different from Joe’s inventions will necessarily distort the work.


Read the research review on the Elderly and exercise. Share your reactions in the Assignment Board. Does this influence your teaching or your planning with any of your existing clients?

The takeaway from this article is that training effects are universal and span all ages. Muscles don’t really know their own age. Train your elderly to progress as you would train a younger person. They are not necessarily frail because they are senior.  You will train many able bodied seniors in your careers and just as many delicate young people.  Teach to the body in front of you.