RPTT Meeting Week 3: teaching tools



  • Week 2 Homework Questions

  • Teaching Tools

  • What to do - Demo carefully and quickly - when and why?

  • How to do it - Biomechanics - Teaching posture - sitting / leaning / “energy from the teacher can never die”

  • What to say - Language of training. How to get your client to own the workout

If Time

  • Convertible Units - Not included at the Week 3 meeting

  • Swedish Bar - Mentioned but not included at the Week 3 meeting

  • Notes on stretching

Opening Question - Who was Clara Pilates?

Homework Review

  • Pop Quiz - what is the set up for the Push Through?

  • Pop Quiz 2 - where should your foot be on the high chair - Automatic fail.


  • Romana said - “Energy from the teacher can never die.”

  • Stand while teaching

  • Unless Demo’ing you must present as an authority figure.


  • The answer is never “no”, it’s yes to something else

  • Own your workout - Use the word “your”. It’s your short box, let’s do your teaser.

  • Develop the partnership. The words “we” and “let’s” suggest you are a team.

ANSWER: Joe’s wife - she was the one known for hands on.