The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.



Q. Integration: Practice Drill - Back to the Reformer.  Take this week to be sure you have a solid working practice on the Reformer.  

a) Review the 6 principles of Pilates and perform your FULL Intermediate reformer at least 3 times this week with focus on a different principle. Share your 3 choices and reflect upon how your workout changed with each run through.  

Your 6 principles should be memorized by now with the acronym “CCCPBF” Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, Breath and Flow of Movement. Use the outline you have for your personal workouts this week. If an Intermediate Reformer appears, substitute this Reformer workout for this assignment. If necessary, add more Reformer workouts to your week. A Reformer workout emphasizing breath for example might cause you to focus on deep inhales throughout, long exhales throughout, or controlled breathing on the exertion point of each exercise. Can you see how this approach would impact a client?


Q:  How vs. What?

Continue to work on modulating your voice this week.  Record a session and perform the two exercises below.

1. Pay special attention to your transition words. How do you signal an exercise is over? Record a session and post answers to the following questions: a) What are your default transition words or phrases? b) Are they effective? c) What might be better choices?

2. Play with your pitch this week.  Try to convey the sound of each exercise with your voice. If each exercise had a sound, what would that be? In your recorded session(s) identify exercises where you missed the opportunity to convey the tone of voice or where you did well.

Assessing yourself should be a regular part of your growth of a teacher. Transitions are meant to keep the workout efficient. So should your words be. The pitch of your voice dictates the speed and dynamic of the move. A high pitched “onto your belly” will pull people quickly to a face down position. If you draw out your language in a low tone ...”ok, let’s go ahead and face down on the mat” - you have effectively told them to slow down, take their time and you’ll wait for them.


Q. Theme Sheets!

Design a full workout for YOURSELF this week - based upon your own weaknesses as a client. Post this to the group including your assessment of yourself as a student.

Theme: Symmetry, Strength and Knees , Oh My

5 Exercises I will Use

1. Footwork

2. Single Leg Kick

3. Side Kicks

4. Going Up - High Chair

5. Tendon Stretch - Wunda Chair

Bonus move - 2 x 4

Props I will Use

  1. No weights or Circles required

Verbal Cues I will Use (for myself)

- Work the midline

- Match one side to the other

- Resist the springs in AND out

- Hold your Box strong

Key Phrases I will Use (in my head)


Dig deeper

Equal weight

Pilates Principle

Centering. Working everything from the core out symmetrically to the limbs to reinforce equal usage of both sides.

An Unlikely Exercise

Pull Ups on the High Chair.

Seems all upper body but if you drive down through the legs and pay attention to keeping the midline working you may identify small weight shifts to one arm or the other or a weight shift off one leg. Working equally side to side will help my core strength and muscle recruitment.

How Will They Sweat? (you mean me?)

I’m an easy sweat-er.

This workout will draw out hold times as I’m trying to overcome some bad compensation habits from my knee surgery in 2015. Perform more than the minimum reps and pause intermittently while actively contracting to adjust for symmetrical weight bearing.

Example: long stretch - 6 reps. On rep 2,4,and 6 I will pause on the out to assess weight bearing and again on the in adjusting as I go.




Roll Up (with Strap)

Single leg Circle (focus on alignment)

Rolling Like a Ball - Work equal hand grip on ankles

Single Leg Stretch - Work equal pull into body

Double Leg Stretch - Work timing of legs so they arrive together

Single Straight Leg Stretch - Work equal stretch/ ROM

Double Straight Leg Stretch - Work Midline - squeeze legs together

Criss Cross

Spine Stretch Forward - Work quad strength

Saw - Work equal rotation

Neck Roll - Work opening of front of hip

Single Leg Kick - Work ROM

Double Leg Kick - Work symmetry of timing

Neck Pull - Work Hamstrings by driving heels down w/ bent knees

SIDE KICKS - Front / Side/ Circles/ Hot Potato - Work Pilates Stance and straight legs

Beats  - Work Glutes

Swim - Work stretched leg/ Quads

Teaser  - Work legs to the midline

Seal  - Work inner thighs to the midline

Push Ups  - Work stamina and hold time squeezing legs


Footwork Series I,II,III, IV - Work timing, midline and full ROM

The Hundred - Work legs to the midline

Short Spine Massage - Work into deep stretch of inner thighs

Coordination - Work that center line and timing

Rowing 5,6 - Maintain knees quiet and Work Powerhouse

Swan (Barrel) - Work hamstrings to pull body up

Long Box Series

  • Hamstring Curls  - Work 1/2 legs

- Pull Straps I, II - Work to the center line

- Backstroke - Work to the midline

- Teaser - Work the Powerhouse and inner thighs

Short Box Series - Work the legs in the strap outward

-Hug, Flat, Side to Side, Twist, Tree

Long Stretch Series - Work evenly to push back

- Long Stretch, Down Stretch, Up Stretch, Elephant, Arabesques - Work 1:2:1 for weaker leg

Long Back Stretch - Push through heels evenly

Stomach Massage Series - Work legs evenly for timing

-Round, Flat, Reach, Twist

Chest Expansion - Watch weight bearing on knees to be even

Long Spine Massage / (Leg Circles/ Frog) - Work symmetry

Knee Stretch Series - Work symmetry - weight distribution - be even

-Round, Flat, Knees Off

Running - Work timing and full symmetrical ROM

Pelvic Lift - Work deep C-curve to turn on Hamstrings


-Front Splits - Work ROM for symmetry


Pull Ups front (Focus on avoiding ANY weight shift)

Pull Ups Back  “

Going Up Front  “

Going Up Side  “


Tendon Stretch (for ankle) - Work on aligning knee over heel over toe.