The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.

RPTT Maintenance Meeting


                        Double end snap hooks:                                                                        Swivel Bolt Snaps:


  • Why does the reformer squeak or feel weird? Dirt under the wheels.

  • Keep your foot on the foot bar, pegged in the corner between frame and stand otherwise it will move.

  • Bolt that goes through foot bar onto kickstand, sometimes will come loose.

  • Headpiece is up unless it needs to be down, because you can break it if you go out and it is down.

  • Gears - Tall people or inflexible people - intermediate reformer figure out where you would need to put the client in second gear, and when you would need to put it back in first gear, and why.

  • Safety straps for short box, 2 in case one breaks - the double end snap hooks should face in different directions on both sides.

  • Put reformer springs on properly otherwise they’ll fall off in the middle of your workout.

Leather straps on the reformer - Gratz makes three lengths for reformers, 80in reformer don't have jump board slots. Most studios have 86 inch reformers. Each reformer has different length straps.

To measure the proper length - lay handle on carriage, 0.5 -1.0 inch of leather should be in front of the shoulder block. If they’re too long (or too short) you can adjust the length using the bolts under carriage with crescent wrench.

Sometimes the edges of leather start to peel back and separate - time to consider changing straps. Leather will dry out and crack naturally, can be cleaned with leather products to help them stay conditioned.


Swivel - Reformer, Arm, Wunda and Electric Chair, Push Thru

All others have hard loops - rollback and leg springs, pedi-pole, baby arm chair

Manufacturing leg springs with hard loops is cheaper - you only move those springs forward and back, they don't swivel. can't use on arm and reformer, the springs have to swivel/rotate.

How often should the springs be changed? manufacturers say 2yrs with regular use, that can be overkill depending on how often the equipment is used.

How much do the springs cost? spring rotation and replacement budget and how much - through regina.  They range from $55 /pr for roll back springs to $80/pr for leg springs.  Reformer springs are $75/pr or $150 per reformer.  These are Gratz prices, but every manufacturer has different prices for their springs.

How do we know if the spring isn't good, if there is no maintenance? Look for any signs of obvious weird spring kinks, coils are separated more in certain areas.

Proper storage - heavy springs can be stored hanging, reformer springs in first gear, never stretched for a long time. change to 1st gear after use. on the baby arm chair - metal handles already make the coils separate, spring will fatigue quicker, support by putting the handles on the hooks.

TOWERS - hooks we attach the springs to can get crooked, especially safety chain.

Put the safety chain on the same side of the spring.  Some places teach the opposite, but this will cause the push through bar to wobble over time. Most manufacturers sell their equipment with 2 safety chains now due to lawsuits. If you want put both on then you don’t have to worry about which side it’s on.

Wunda Chair hook placement to avoid springs not going on easily!

Spring openings should face out mostly just so they don’t get caught on your client’s clothes!

Manufacturers have changed the equipment to fit the body, changing the flow of the system. - doesn't work well IMHO.