The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.



  • As your Reformer material grows our practice on the other equipment often gets left behind.  On occasion, some clients are unable to work out on the Reformer. This week practice some full sessions with NO Reformer.  Use your Mats, Cadillacs, Chairs, Barrels and Standing Exercises to complete some full 55 minute sessions.    

    How did you accomplish these sessions? Was is challenging? Why or why not?

As the Pilates landscape is heavily weighted on the Reformer side, it is important to impress upon your clients that the Reformer does not define Pilates. The system defines Pilates and the tools of the system are resistance tools. Body weight and Springs are both resistance tools. Focus on using the other equipment as though it were the primary focus of the system.


Q: Your new client would like to work with you exclusively 3X per week.  You only have 1X per week available.  Explain to her the benefit and at least 2 specific reasons that it will be better for her to work with more than one teacher each week.

In one on one training, you can not overstate the benefit of having many eyes upon you. Each teacher sees differently and communicates differently. Each teacher comes armed with a unique history and toolbox. Teacher “X” had a back surgery and recovered using Pilates which is something I don’t have experience with. She will necessarily have a different perspective.  Gleaning the wisdom of several teachers is a terrific Pilates strategy as you can work with each teacher on distinct issues in your own body.

Other bits of information that clients appreciate hearing.

-Who you personally work out with

-Who you share clients with already

Sharing these facts can bolster confidence in your clients.


Q. Meet your Theme Sheets!

These are for you to use for group and private sessions.  This week we will use it for a group class.  Follow the instructions on the sheet to prep a “theme” for your class.


  • Don’t get crazy - this doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Pick a concept or an idea.

  • As broad as Symmetry or balance.

  • As general as the weather.

  • Want Specifics? Find a quote from Joe Pilates and interpret it with your class delivery.