The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.



ON THE FLOOR: Hit the Mat

Practice your Mat work so you can show it off to us!

Know the Beginner as well as the Full Intermediate.

Practice moving smoothly through the sequence with control, precision and flow.

Remember that as a teacher you will use the Beginner through Intermediate syllabus more than anything else. This is the content you must master sooner than later. You will have time to develop your Advanced teaching skills but these remedial levels will be the most important to you as a teacher.


Your Health Quote:

“Instead of pursuing a policy of passivism, aggressive action should and must be taken to bring to light my teachings of health, strength and happiness through proper corrective exercises.” ~ Joseph Pilates

Q1. What do you think Pilates meant by “aggressive action”?

Q2. How do you personally feel about the fact that Pilates used the word “happiness”? Given that Pilates does not have a religious component as Yoga does, do you think happiness can be a predictable outcome of the practice of Pilates.

Q1. In my opinion, Joe Pilates meant to inspire the public to adopt his method by aggressive grassroots marketing. His ability to promote his system in his time was limited but not without merit. He was ahead of time with publications and infomercials, materials and testimonials but at the time of his death the Pilates studio was not very profitable. His book Your Health was clearly meant to inspire others to spread the word.

Q2. Improved breathing, posture, coordination. mental clarity, muscular balance, improved mobility and balance all lead one to “feel” better. If that doesn’t contribute to happiness, we should all stop working out.


Fast forward to 3 years from now:

Q1: How do you plan to aggressively spread the word and work of Pilates? Be specific.

In 3 years I hope each of you will be teaching consistently and improving upon your own knowledge base to become the best possible resource for your clients.  Learn the history and learn the system of movement above all. Understand why the moves are in the order they are.  Study the patterns, the shapes and the progressions.  As each of you become ambassadors for the life’s work of Joseph Pilates, you will be the best spokesperson possible. From there your ability to spread the word will be easy as pie.


Theme Sheets!

Q1. Pick 3 exercises from the Full Intermediate Reformer program that you could begin to teach somewhere else in the studio. Describe the moves and the choice of alternate teaching location that you select.

  • Rowing - On the MAT of course with hand weights.

  • Thigh stretch - Kneeling on the MAT as a transition move from one Mermaid to the other side Mermaid. Or on the Cadillac with the Roll Back Bar.

  • Corkscrew - Back to the Mat of course.

Q2.  Pick one of the moves you chose and create a workout that focuses on preparing the student for that move!  Identify moves you would focus on. Identify moves you would draw attention to in order to prepare for the new moves.  Use your theme sheet with the new move as the theme.

MOVE: Thigh stretch

ABILITIES NEEDED TO EXECUTE: Open hips, thigh strength, spinal alignment, core strength, stamina


 Need open hips ---> Small Barrel Leg Series  /Shoulder bridge on the Mat

 Thigh strength---> Wall chair/ High Chair - going up front

 Spinal alignment---> Wall series

 Core strength---> Pilates Push ups, Ab Series on Mat

 Stamina ---> Hundred / Mountain Climber (adv.)