Teaching Group

Once you have passed your Beginner Test out you will begin assisting with Group classes. Your focus is to learn and get actual hands on time in a group setting. By assisting you will begin to gain a level of comfort and ease with a group without the pressure of having to make all the decisions and deliver the workout. This is an important stepping stone in your development.

Do’s & Don’t

  • Greet Students at the Front Desk. Introduce yourself.

  • Answer questions for students before teacher arrives.

  • Be sure all equipment is prepared before class begins.

  • Choose classes with Lead or approved trainers that fits within your schedule.

  • Classes are limited to just one assistant.

  • Demonstrate at the instructor’s request.

  • Change or adjust equipment for students.

  • Provide hands on assists only at the instructor’s direction.

  • Restore equipment at the end of class.

  • Answer questions for students.

Track Your Hours

Assistant hours are part of your total Group Class hourly requirement. Be sure to track your hours. By week 10 you will have your own Group Class to lead. Use this time wisely. You may use up to 10 hours for assistant teaching.