The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.


Grading Rubric for Research Project

In the final weeks of your Comprehensive Teacher Training program you will write a research paper of at least 750 - 1000 words on one of the key Pilates Principles (plus a few extra items we’ve added). Review the following rubric to guide your content.

You must answer each of the following questions in your paper.

  1. How would you define your topic? How do others define your topic? (5 points)

  2. Is there historical relevance of this topic according to the writings of Joe Pilates, or other exercise texts of the same time period? (10 points)

  3. What is the specific anatomy involved in this concept. Include both static and moving examples. (15 points)

  4. Identify at least two research papers or article that explore this topic. Include their primary findings. Then reference a client you have worked with or have seen and apply your concept to a session you create for them. (15 points)

  5. Include how and why this client will benefit from working this concept. Outline your clients’ restrictions and limitations to the best of your ability. (20 points)

  6. Create a lesson plan that includes the exercises in your session plus your notes for how your concept will be applied in these particular moves. (25 points)

  7. Include one quote by Joseph Pilates that seems to refer to your concept, either literally or abstractly. (5 points)

  8. Your paper should cover all of this in a minimum of five pages, not including your resource page.


Critical Thinking Bonus: Include any conflicting viewpoints that you can find that might disagree with your plan or position on this concept.

Final Paper Due by 11:59pm on Sunday of the 24th WeeK