Why is it called the Cadillac?

“Because it Was the Best of its Kind in its Time”

- Romana K. -


Performed on the Cadillac, the Traditional Ending is meant to be performed in sequence as an invigorating ending to a session for your strong capable client.

  • Breathing - Preparation for the hip strength, upper body strength, breath and control required in the rest of the routine. (2 - 4 Reps)

  • Spread Eagle - A big variation of spine stretch forward or a standing Semi-Circle. (2-4 Reps)

  • Pull Ups - A challenging version of Pull ups performed with the lower body suspended. (2-3 Sets)

  • Hanging Pull Ups - More complex Pull Ups with full flexion and extension in between each set. (2-3 Sets)

  • Half Hanging - Inversion and decompression of the spine with the hips elevated and the torso at rest on the Cadillac.

  • Full Hanging - Complete inversion hanging off the edge of the Cadillac with a variety of add-on endings.

This routine is empowering and energizing making use of Pilates elements of strength, stretch and control.