The Real Pilates Standards of Training are distinguished by our focus on 4 key elements. Your weekly assignments are designed to develop your skill in each of these areas as well as your Anatomy, History and more.

Videos Approved for RPTT Observation

A maximum of one Online Observation hour per week can be applied to your RPTT requirements, unless otherwise approved.

Alycea - Semi Private 1

Alycea - Semi Private 3

Alycea - Semi Private 5

Alycea - Semi Private 7

Alycea - Semi Private 8

Alycea - Semi Private 10

Alycea - Semi Private 12

Alycea - Semi Private 2

Alycea - Semi Private 4

Alycea - Semi Private 6

Alycea - Private 1

Alycea - Semi Private 9

Alycea - Semi Private 11

Alycea - Semi Private 13

3 Person Semi Private with Instructors Reformer, Rolling Series on the Mat and Wunda Chair Variations of Footwork I, Side Tree, Pelvic Lift. Side Splits included. Wunda Chair Exercises: Arm Frog, Footwork, Table, Tendon Stretch, Pull Up, Star. Discussions about Joe Pilates Ballet Influence, and shifting of weight as it relates to springs.
Beginner Mat with Magic Circle. Reformer with Int. and Advanced additions - "step off control" Tendon Stretch Arabesque and more. End with Magic Circle all the way around the body.

On Pilatesology you can watch the following videos for Observation hours:

Wicked Wunda  |  Top to Bottom Mat  |  Hot Spot Reformer  |  Center of Gravity Tower

On Pilates Anytime you can watch the following videos for Observation hours:

Mat 2595  |  Wunda 2594  |  Reformer 1767  |  Mat 1763  |  Tower 1765  |  Mat 535 |  First Timers Workshop 1774