• Know your schedule. Check it regularly. Then check it again. Call the front desk with any questions.

  • Come prepared! Plan your class. They say you should be prepared or be prepared to fail. Practice your class with your privates each week or at least on yourself.

  • Teach what you know! Group class is not a place to experiment. Teach exercises you are familiar with and according to the level and seminar you have completed.

  • Introduce yourself to the Group.

  • Tell them what they can expect or what your plan is for today’s class. Example: “We’re working on our deep abdominals this month.”

  • Set up the room ahead of time.

  • Direct the class to set up their workspace as you’d like it. Example: “Grab a Magic Circle - and place it to the side of your Mat.”

  • Spacing. Keep your people all in one area so you don’t have to run around the room.

  • Focus! You may be sharing your space with other teachers in the room. The rule is that group classes take priority so feel free to shout over other teachers in the room and don’t let them distract you.

  • Hands ON!  Group class doesn’t mean you don’t give individual attention. As a rule, make sure to touch everyone at least once in the class.

  • Use Names!  Ask the desk for a list or wing it - but learn names and use them. It makes the experience personal and holds your clients accountable.

  • Group Classes are 45 Minutes in length. Pace yourself. Work to fill the time. Locate the clock in the room and keep checking in.

  • At the end of class - be available for questions comments and concerns. Tell them when you teach and that you’d love to see them again.  Tell them the desk can help them with more information about Pilates sessions if they are interested

  • Clean UP! Have the clients wipe down the mats after each and every class.

  • Be honest - share a little about yourself, your day or what excites you!

  • Have Fun! If you aren’t having fun, they won’t either!