Welcome to the Joseph Pilates Authentic Lineage - THE REAL PILATES FAMILY!

It is with great pride and honor that I pronounce you an official graduate and a 3rd generation teacher. Your graduation demonstrates our continued reverence to my teacher Romana Kryzanowska and honors Joseph and Clara Pilates. 

The lineage continues through you. You are Real Pilates.

MAKE THE Real Pilates PROMISE to carry on the Lineage


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AFTER SUBMITTING Please double check that you have completed the steps below:

1. Please double check your mailing address is correct on MindBody. We are in the process of printing your certificate, and once is is sealed and signed, we will send it to you!

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Alycea & the Real Pilates Team

We remain a professional resource for you and look forward to a long standing relationship with you as a graduate and a representative of the Real Pilates family.

Congratulations again!