We understand that the needs of the Pilates teaching community start long before training and far beyond completion. By developing a relationship with select companies they become a vital part of our ongoing efforts to support our apprentices, graduates and instructors. We work together to bolster every stage of a teacher's development, from financing to continuing education, in collaboration with our trusted partners.


WE FINANCE: Your loan, your rules. Grow your network, borrow from real people supporting you on your career journey, and pay interest back to them instead of a bank.

WeFinance isn't just for tuition. 
You can save money on living expenses during your program or existing debts. LEARN MORE.

FAMI - ANATOMY WORKSHOPS: The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop is a four-day immersion course in anatomy and injuries designed exclusively for movement professionals. Held in a medical school, this powerful educational resource brings the best of medical education to the movement world, including Gross Anatomy labs and physician-led lectures on injuries. LEARN MORE.

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