Continuing Education

Frequently Asked Renewal Questions

Browse each section below for more information on Real Pilates Continuing Education Guidelines and Certificate Renewal.

What are the renewal requirements?

Your Real Pilates Teacher Training Certificate expires every two years. In order to renew your certification, each graduate must complete and submit at least 16 continuing education credits every two year period. CEC’s can be completed by attending any live workshops offered by Real Pilates, or through our online membership platform. You may also complete continuing education workshops approved by Real Pilates, which are offered by the Pilates Method Alliance and fall under one of these five categories: Classical Pilates, Teaching Techniques, Exercise Science, Complementary Content, CPR/AED.

Are there guidelines to the Continuing education credits I can take for renewal?

Yes. All CEC’s may be earned by taking Real Pilates Approved workshops. Approved coursework is determined to belong under the five categories listed above: Classical Pilates, Teaching Techniques, Exercise Science, Complementary Content, CPR/AED.

Here are the Breakdowns and definitions of each category:

 1. Classical Pilates

  • Unlimited - earn up to 16 CEC's per renewal period

  • Included: Classical Pilates content, repertoire, and variations offered by teachers with classical lineages on classical equipment.

2. Teaching Techniques

  • Unlimited - earn up to 16 CEC's per renewal period

  • Included: Cueing, hands on techniques, special populations (pre/post natal, elderly, injuries etc.), communication, critical thinking and observation skill building, etc.

3. Exercise Science

  • Unlimited - earn up to 16 CEC's per renewal period

  • Included: Anatomy, Physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, FAMI

4. COMPLEMENTARY Trainings and Content

  • No more than 8 CEC's per Renewal Period will be accepted. All workshops must be pre-approved.

  • Included: Contemporary forms and variations, complementary movement modalities (postural analysis, stretching techniques, Feldenkries, Melt, etc.), equipment maintenance, the business of Pilates.


  • No more than 2 Credit Hours for Renewal period


Where do I find workshops? 

A list of upcoming Real Pilates workshops and seminars can be found HERE.
The Pilates Method Alliance also has listings of workshops HERE.

How do I know if a workshop is appropriate to take?

If you are unsure if a workshop that is not provided by Real Pilates falls under the following categories: Classical Pilates, Teaching Techniques, Exercise Science, Complementary Content, CPR/AED, please email with details regarding the workshop in question. It is always a good idea to double check before committing to a CEC workshop. 

How do I submit my credits?

In order to submit your credits, you will need to fill out our Real Pilates Continuing Education Form Here. All forms must be filled out completely. You will need the following: Name of workshop, type of workshop (live/online), Name of Presenter, Number of CEC hours, and documentation proving your attendance to the workshop (Ex. Certificate of attendance, or studio invoice). 

Can I retake RPTT Seminars for CEC’s?

Yes! Each RPTT graduate is invited to Audit one seminar weekend during their first year as a graduate, free of charge. We encourage all of our grads to brush up on their skills post graduation by attending at least one seminar. After one seminar or a year post-grad, Seminars can be Audited at a highly discounted price. One seminar at $375, or all four (Must be audited within one cycle) at $1,500.  We will accept each full seminar weekend for 9 CEC’s.

Can I take workshops not offered by Real Pilates?

We allow our graduates to to seek out learning opportunities within the Classical Pilates community. If a live or online workshop meets our requirements, you may take that workshop and submit it for Continuing Education. Please always make sure to check if the workshop is Real Approved before signing up. 

Do extra continuing education credits roll over?

16 credits per 2-year renewal period is the minimum requirement for all of our grads. While we encourage our grads to always seek out learning opportunities, any hours completed after that will not roll over to the following renewal period.  

Who do I contact for help with anything else relating to Continuing education and renewal?

Contact Continuing Education and Graduate Support at